Toeleah Johnson

Hello My Name Is...

Toeleah Johnson


Degrees Held: Bachelor of Science (Vanderbilt University)

                                    -Secondary Education


                           M.S. E. (Arkansas State University-Jonesboro)

                                    -Educational Theory and Practice

                         Masters +30 (Tennessee State University)

                                     -Mathematics Education

Interesting Facts: Grew up next to a cemetery (New Orleans, LA.) -- Excellent neighbors

Hi, my name is Toeleah Johnson. My husband, Ronnie, and I have three children: Dorian, David and Jonathan. My husband is from Gallatin, TN. but I am originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. And yes, I grew up next to a cemetery. And in all my seventeen years there, I never heard a peep out of those neighbors.  I have taught Secondary Mathematics on the high school and middle school level for 20 years in both Tennessee and Louisiana. My husband and I are lovers of the outdoors and enjoy camping, fishing, and hunting. My philosophy of education is deeply rooted in my spiritual upbringing as a child. My role as a teacher should be to equip students with the knowledge they will need to be successful in their future endeavors. This means I have a moral responsibility to hold my students accountable for their learning and I must provide them with the opportunities needed to acquire the skills they will need to be successful.

This is my first year at The Howard School as a Mathematics Teacher. I am teaching Bridge Mathematics, Geometry and Algebra One.


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