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Dr. Selina Thedford

Selina Thedford

I am Dr. Selina Thedford the SAILS math teacher at Howard.  I have been working in Hamilton County for five years.  I have over 35 years of experience as a mathematics teacher and an administrator.  I have four children, three girls and a boy.  I am most proud that all of of my children have graduated from college and living their best life.

I am excited to work with the SENIORS this school year. I had a 95% pass rate in SAILS last year and I am looking for the same or better this year. Students that are assigned to my SAILS on-line class should complete assignments during class and at home.  There is always work to do in SAILS.  Student in SAILS DO NOT HAVE MAKE-UP Work because they must complete all the assignments that are on their pacing guide. 
  Students that are assigned to my Bridge course will be working in a blended setting. 
Students in Bridge will complete assignments on-line and receive instruction from the instructor as needed.  Missed assignments from first semester can be found in Edgenuity.  Make-up work will only receive a 70%.  Students should contact the teacher regarding makeup. All major test will be given by the teacher.

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