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<Hi! My name is Mrs. Youngblood, and I have been a teacher for 6 years. This is  my 4th year at Howard. This year, I teach AP US History and Government/Economics. My favorite thing about teaching is the students. I love that each class is different and unique because of the input and discussions I get to have with my students. Never a boring day! My school extension is 630091.

Class Schedule (A Day)
1st (9:01-10:19): AP US History 10th&11th grades
2nd (10:25-11:10): Directed Studies 10th grade
3rd (11:16-1:05) Planning
4th (1:11-2:35) AP US History 10th&11th grades
5th (2:41-4:00) AP US History 10th&11th grades

Class Schedule (B Day)
1st (9:01-10:19) Government/Economics 12th grade
2nd (10:25-11:10): Directed Studies 10th grade
3rd (11:16-1:05): AP US History 10th&11th grades
4th (1:11-2:35): Planning
5th: (2:41-4:00): Government/Economics 12th grade>

Supplies needed for class: A notebook/folder with paper and a pen or pencil every day!

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