Dr. Genise Evans-Fletcher

Greetings, I am

Dr. Genise Evans-Fletcher,
Lead Program Facilitator of the Flex Academy

I am a Restorative Educator!

I am a native of Birmingham, AL. I graduated from Alabama State University with a B.S. and M. Ed in English Education and from Lincoln Memorial University with an Ed. S and Ed. D in Instructional Leadership.

I have served Hamilton County schools for my entire tenure teaching English at Brainerd High School, Tyner Middle Academy, and The Howard School. I am currently a Dean of Students at The Howard School, a Minority Mentor for HCEA, and a support Mentor for HCS. 

I have also participated in several cohorts through the Public Education Foundation (PEF) as a Policy and STEM Fellow and a Teacherpreneur, co-authored a curriculum for Hamilton County, and created a micro-credential for Restorative Practices through TEA.
The Howard School's Mission and Vision


All students will experience school communities characterized by academic press and a culture of care.

  • All HCS students will show measurable growth in their ability to read, write and think through classrooms dedicated to rigorous content, worthwhile tasks, and purposeful student engagement. 
  •  All HCS students will experience a deeper connection to their peers, educators, and school community.


Each and every child thrives and experiences a future without limits.
'22-23 Top 4 School Improvement Priority Goals at The Howard School Accelerating Student Achievement
Empowering Future Ready Students
Fully Engaging Our Community
Great Teachers/Great Leaders


The Tiger Way

Be Ready

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Read Like A Tiger

Think Like a Tiger

 Write like a Tiger


Restorative Conferences

Meetings will be:


All individuals present will gain an understanding/summary of the meeting; and

Hamilton County's Secondary Integrated Student Supports Framework will be referenced and used to maintain consistency for a climate conducive to learning.

Dean(s) will review and reference administrator or Dean notes, teacher referrals, behavior logs, behavior contracts, or Tier II contracts.

Dean(s) will conference with students, parents, team members, and support staff.

Dean(s) will use Restorative Practice strategies to support relationships and behavior; and 

Additional support will be given (if requested).

"Have a purpose in all that you do."

K. Evans-Fletcher

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