Amelia James

Amelia James
Contact me at
 Room 328 S ext.63086

Hello My Name Is Amelia James. I am in my tenth year of teaching at The Howard School. My passion has changed from teaching ninth graders to not only pass the math class, and pass the EOC, but to develop a love for mathematics so that they could compete in this global society where there is a great demand for those who are literate in all aspects of mathematics. I remain excited as the opportunity presents itself to me year after year to teach our students. This year I am teaching seniors, Bridge Math. They are in their final year of high school and I am dedicated to working closely with them so that they could experience success as they enter the world of work or go on to College.
We have a few classroom needs which are usually met by teachers, parents and students alike. The main supplies which are in constant use are, hand sanitizer, Lysol wipes, boxes of tissue, dry erase markers, sharpie markers, jolly ranchers, fruit gummies , and many boxes of pencils. If there are other items which come to mind, I am sure that my students would welcome your contributions.

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