School Dress Code

Uniform Information

2018-2019 Howard High School Dress Code

9th grade students:  gold polo-style shirts

10th-11th grade students:  white or gray polo-style shirts

12th grade students:  maroon or black polo-style shirts

All students will wear khaki-style pants with a belt
Athletic or casual shoes only. For safety reasons, no house shoes, open-toed shoes, or flip-flops.

  All hats / headgear (including bandannas) and hoodies must remain in lockers with jackets. Sweaters, fleeces, and sweatshirts without hoods are permitted in class. Outerwear approved colors: Solid white, off-white, gray, maroon, gold, and black

School dress and grooming shall be modest, moderate, and decent. Apparel or appearance that tends to draw attention to an individual rather than to a learning situation must be avoided. In matters of opinion, the judgment of administrators will prevail. 

All book bags must be in lockers during school hours.

Apparel may not be worn advertising another school unless that particular school is on the college level.

Administration reserves the right to address any clothing or accessory deemed inappropriate. The administration reserves the right to adjust the dress code at any time according to need.

For more information regarding dress code, please refer to our School Handbook.
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