Genise Evans-Fletcher

Hello My Name Is 

Dean Genise Evans-Fletcher


I am a Restorative Educator!

I am a native of Birmingham, AL and I graduated from Alabama State University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in English Education and also in 2013 with a Master's of Education. In 2018, I graduated from Lincoln Memorial University with an Ed. S in Instructional Leadership.

I have served Hamilton County schools for my entire tenure; I have taught English 9, English 11, and English 12 at Brainerd High School for 4 years and Language Arts for grades 6 & 8 at Tyner Middle Academy for 2 years. I am now currently a Dean of Students of The Howard School.

I have also been a part of several cohorts through the Public Education Foundation (PEF) as a Policy and STEM Fellow, as well as, a Teacherpreneur.

Meetings will be:

All individuals present will gain an understanding/summary for why the meeting is being held
Hamilton County's Student Code of Acceptable Behavior and Discipline will be referenced and used to maintain a climate conducive to learning & to maintain consistency across the board


Dean's Notes, Referrals, &/or Behavior Logs will be reviewed


Team meetings will be held with Deans, Parents, & Students


Restorative strategies will be used

Additional support will be given (if requested)

"Understanding why a kid is challenging is the first and most important part in helping them"-
Dr. Ross Greene

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