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Dorothea Ward

Dorothea Ward

This is my third year at The Howard School.

Prior to coming here, I taught in Central Asia for three years.

I have also taught in Florida, where I began teaching, in Missouri, and in Georgia.

I have two great sons and five grandchildren (joys of my life)

One thing I am proud to be is a MIAMI HURRICANE! Yes, I graduated from The University of Miami.

World History gives the students an opportunity to view history through the varying perspectives of different historians. We will stand in the steps of western and eastern generals. Our goal this year is to follow the changes from the Industrial Revolution to contemporary time noticing how history never happens in a vacuum but rather flows from one time to another.

Students can find all slides where they get notes for their Interactive Notebook in google classroom
4A     elw04b (the 0 is a number)
4B    tih948l  (last one is a small L )
5B   jd030v7 (the 0 is a number)

If there is a missing box in powerschool next to an assignment the student has not turned it in.  The only home work given is to study the study guide (always given and filled out in class) prior to test. All information will be on the slides in google classroom. 

Contact Me at 

423-498-6850 X 63124

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