Selina Thedford

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Dr. Selina Thedford

Selina Thedford

I am Dr. Selina Thedford the SAILS math teacher at Howard.  I have been working in Hamilton County for  five years.  I have over 34 years of experience as a mathematics teacher and an administrator.  I have four children, three girls and a boy.  I am most proud that all of of my children have graduated from college and living their best life.

I am excited to work with the SENIORS this school year. I had a 95% pass rate in SAILS last year and looking for the same or better this year. Students that are assigned to my SAILS on-line class should also complete assignments during class and at home.  There is always work to do in SAILS.  Students that are assigned to my Bridge course will be working in a blended setting.  Students will complete assignments on-line and receive instruction from the instructor as needed.  All major test will be given by the teacher.

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