Master Degree    - Education - Curriculum and Instruction, 2011

                              AmericanIntercontinental University, Schaumburg IL


Bachelor of Arts  - Legal Studies, 1994

                              University of Central Florida, Orlando FL




3 years as an ESOL Teacher for Hamilton County

3 years as a Language Arts Teacher in Abu Dhabi, UAE

4 years as an English Teacher, Chuncheon, South Korea


Welcome to The Howard School ESOL Department! My name is Judith M. Bruzon. I am a mother of two wonderful young people. I started teaching ten years ago and I am extremely passionate about my chosen career. In my opinion, there isn't anything more rewarding than inspiring and challenging young people to love learning. I am a life long learner myself. I have a degree in Legal Studies and a Master in Curriculum and Instruction. I am presently completing some courses at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga with the intention of getting a Doctorate Degree in the future.  Currently my specialty is teaching English as a Second Language to non-native speakers. In my classroom, instruction is individualized using differentiation strategies. I  invite and encourage families to be a part of the learning experience this year in our class and with the entire Howard School family! Get ready for meaningful activities and experiences!