Subjects Taught
Algebra 1


i have a bachelor's degree in Elementary education/ and home economics and a minor in communication. This was followed by a bachelor's degree in mathematics . I also have a master of science degree in family life education.


I have taught at all levels of the school system from kindergarten to college and I have done it in many different states in the United States and in the Caribbean. I have done this for over twenty five years. I have now been at Howard for seven years.


I was born in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad and Tobago. I had my earliest education there up to my first two years of college. I came to the United States and here I completed my bachelor's and master's degree. After completing my studies here, I returned to the Caribbean and worked as a teacher at the elementary and high school level. I have traveled all over the United States and worked at different levels of the educational system. I have enjoyed teaching and coaching students to excel in mathematics which is my greatest passion.