Subjects Taught
advanced Algebra/Trig, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Pre Calculus


Howard School of Academics and Technology: 2003 - Honor Diploma (Valedictorian)

Oglethorpe University: 2007- Bachelors in Accounting, minor in Economics 

University of Tennessee: 2012 Teaching Mathematics certification 7-12 

Keller Graduate School:  current - MBA


I have been teaching Mathematics for 7 years here at Howard.  I started out teaching all 10th graders Geometry and Algebra 1.  After 2 years, I taught Algebra 2 along with Geometry for a year.  After teaching Geometry for 5 years, I advanced and was able to teach 12th grade Math. Senior Math has changed over the years and now the students are on a community college portal completing all of their course work online.  I am the instructor in this class.   My job is to help students individually keep up with the mathematical standards and weekly deadlines without holding any one back. Each student works at their own pace and completes the class in their own time.  I am also in charge of keeping up with students that are behind or need remediation.  My job involves looking at data and being able to help the students from it.  My second course is that i am an instructor for Dual enrollment.  I am in charge of selection and enrollment into the college math classes here at Howard. Those course range from Pre-Calculus, to Statistics to even College Algebra. 


My name is Bleshette Coulter, and i am a former graduate of Howard High School.  I graduated in 2003 as the Valedictorian of my class.  I went on to pursue a Bachelors degree in Accounting and work at a private CPA firm in Atlanta for almost 3 years.  After entering into motherhood, I moved back to Chattanooga and started my teaching certification to become a Math teacher.  I have been teaching math here at Howard for 7 years, grades ranging from 10th to 12th.  I enjoy teaching young people and one of the reasons I decided to come back home to teach was to give back to a community that once gave to me.  Being able to teach at a school where I once walked the same halls is amazing and rewarding. I enjoy teaching at Howard and make a difference.